It is possible to achieve, sustain and replicate long-term success

Principles of long-term success of any company are identical to the ones of living organisms and have the identical mechanism - a golden triangle. Best chances of survival don’t have the biggest and the strongest, but rather those who can adapt to changes of their environment. Such adaption requires complex management of information and resources. Spiral Management is a method of controlling company’s long-term success by following principles developed and tested by living organisms over millennia.

“My mission is to be an advocate
of Spiral Management.”

My name is Stanislav Hauser.
I have devoted my life to search for mechanisms for achieving, controlling and replicating company success. I combined my experience of an executive in a manufacturing company and of an owner of management consulting company HAUSER-SILMA GRADIENT to develop MBE MANAKA, a comprehensive program of managerial training and education which arise from cooperation with Andrej Kopcaj, author of the Spiral Management concept. Through this program managers gain insights into principles of long-term success and learn techniques to achieve it.

„We believe long-term, spiral success is possible to predict and control.”
„We believe it is time to think in a different way.”

Companies are constantly
evolving living organisms

You will learn how to control company evolution and adaptation in turbulent business environment

We transform companies
into networks

You will learn how to transform hierarchical structures to flat structures of autonomous processes

We focus on
practical application

We will teach you easily applicable techniques that will boost your success rate

Entrepreneurial mindset creates
revolutionary innovations in company management style

We will train you how to diagnose gaps that hold your company back and give you tools to overcome them

Our products are intuitive,
comprehensive and user-friendly

You will learn techniques and methods that you can continually build upon and improve

We offer a lifelong
MBE managerial training

We provide lifelong graduation system of your professional growth

MBE is a standard of entrepreneurship

Manager of Business Excellence (MBE) is an alternative to academic managerial education. We emphasize practical application of all our techniques and methods. Management is a profession based on entrepreneurial disciplines which are identical to all managerial levels. We disprove a paradigm focused on a short term profit. A healthy company’s desire is to excel over long term horizon.

A company can’t be better than its managers

MBE MANAKA is the managerial academy of Spiral Management. We train you “to see” causes of (non)success. We start training with managerial teenagers. Practical company applications are based on identical entrepreneurial disciplines. We offer special programs for middle and senior managers. Advancement of managerial skillsets is the way to long-term success of your company.

Are you sharing values of long-term success?

Are you asking, what you can do for your company
and your managers’ future and success?